Warm-Up Before Training

Warm-up before training is an essential structural component that many beginners neglect in the gym. Important because the effectiveness of your training directly depends on the functional readiness of the whole organism. Well, they neglect it because they consider this event an absurd pastime, which does not give any positive results. Why do you need a warm-up before training? Any training should...

CrossFit for Weight Loss

CrossFit training programs are not your usual training programs. I’m afraid to disappoint you that active cardio or strength training doesn’t help you to lose weight. Surely you have not tried cross-training. Crossfit training for beginners forever changes your outlook on workouts and the process of losing weight in general.

Bill Starr Circuit Training Workout

A circuit training system can be used in the training of a beginner athlete, or it can help an average level athlete faster “return to service” after a long break. About the Author of the Program Bill Starr, as a young man, competed in weightlifting competitions in the US, and later “re-qualified” in powerlifting. In 1966, he moved to York, Pennsylvania, and became deputy e...