Sports nutrition is food additives and preparations specially made for people who are actively involved in sports. They increase strength, endurance and increase muscle mass.

Sports nutrition is based on the development and research of specialists in the field of physiology and dietology.

Today, dietary supplements are used in a wide variety of sports: bodybuilding and fitness, boxing and hockey. Sports nutrition is a reliable foundation for higher achievements. If you need relief musculature or muscle mass, want to get rid of subcutaneous fat, increase strength and increase endurance – sports nutrition is at your service.

To fully nourish any athlete needs a large number of proteins. Protein can be obtained from conventional products, but it is necessary to consume high-calorie and hard-to-digest food in massive quantities. Using ordinary food, it is complicated to control and calculate the intake of nutrients. And protein supplements contain about 90% protein. The average dose of the food additive is equivalent to a triple volume of food intake from natural products.

Modern sports nutrition is harmless and beneficial to the body. Acceptable cost is achieved through the use of high-performance technologies and automation of production. Only natural raw materials are used in production. Milk fat and other components remove and saturate the drug with vitamins, amino acids and minerals. The use of this technology increases the biological value of the additive and does not increase its caloric value.

Sports supplements can be used for various purposes, and a complex of minerals and vitamins is suitable not only for athletes.

Gainers and protein mixtures are used to build muscle mass, minerals and vitamins – to strengthen the body and recover from injuries and training.

Mass Gainers

This is a protein-carbohydrate mixture containing carbohydrates of varying complexity with a different glycemic index. The body receives the maximum amount of energy and produces the necessary glycogen reserve in the muscles. Gainer contains a mixture of different proteins to saturate the muscles with amino acids, essential for restoring the body after training. Also, the gainer contains unsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. Manufacturers often add glutamine and creatine to the body, which increases the overall anabolic effect. This composition provides the maximum energy potential of the athlete and the buildup of muscle mass without fat deposits.

How to Take a Gainer

In bodybuilding, the most suitable time for taking a gainer is a few minutes after the training. At this point, the so-called protein-carbohydrate window opens, which can entirely close the gainer. This will allow the athlete to quickly restore strength, regenerate muscle tissue, suppress catabolic processes and replenish depleted energy reserves.

Also, a gainer can be taken before training. The advantage of this time is that the body will receive an energy substratum – carbohydrates, which will allow you to train more intensively and longer, and a high concentration of amino acids will suppress catabolism already from the very beginning of training. However, there is a significant drawback in this – during the training there will be no loss of fat.

Some people recommend taking a gainer two, three or even four times a day. There is a reasonable basis, if you want to maximize the mass as quickly as possible and are entirely inclined to fullness, otherwise you risk gaining weight mainly due to fat. Much more sensible to take one time a gainer, the remaining 2-3 doses of protein.

Protein Supplements

This protein concentrate, which is the most important source of amino acids, is necessary for the body with intense physical exertion, for example, in bodybuilding. And also suitable for people who do not engage in sports, but who need proteins because of unbalanced nutrition.

How to Take a Protein

Protein can easily replace one meal a day. It immediately gets a feeling of fullness, and if you add a banana to the cocktail, you can safely forget about the hunger for several hours.

It also helps a lot in situations when you urgently need to eat a portion of protein, but there is no way to cook it. As a board, I can recommend reading reviews for different types of protein, as some species have a disgusting taste.

Creatine Supplements

This is the most popular supplement among sports nutrition. Creatine allows athletes to increase muscle mass, endurance and strength results. In the body, it is produced in the liver, kidneys and glands from amino acids (glycine, methionine, arginine), but enters the body from natural products, such as meat and fish. Fibers responsible for endurance, contain less creatine and are restored better than “power” fibers. Therefore, an additional intake of creatine will increase strength and endurance.

Do You Need to Load a Creatine?

Creatine is, perhaps, the most effective additive. Starting to take it, you literally in a few days will feel an increase in strength, albeit small. This is because during exercise exercises, muscles consume ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores, and creatine replenishes reserves.

It is a prevalent theory that at the beginning of taking creatine several days you need to do a creatine load, taking it in large quantities. I did not dare to do this, and many well-known sportsmen, whose opinions I trust, do not advise doing this. No harm is done to the body (and no other additives listed in this article), but sensitive people with prolonged admission may experience digestive problems.

Amino Acids

These are the components that make all the proteins in the body. Bodybuilders pay particular attention to amino acids, as the muscles are mostly made up of protein. The human body uses amino acids to strengthen, restore, grow and produce various enzymes, hormones and antibodies. And also amino acids are involved in the restoration of the physical and mental state of the body and affect the activity of the brain. There are 21 amino acids, 9 of them are amino acids, which the body can not synthesize independently in the required quantity, and the rest are considered to be replaceable.

Scientists have determined that the role of amino acids in the restoration and preservation of muscles is enormous. The most demanded in the muscles and quickly absorbed three amino acids – leucine, valine, isoleucine. BCAA is a complex consisting of these three amino acids, occupies a special place in bodybuilding. Amino acids also stimulate the secretion of an anabolic hormone – insulin.

Amino acids are compatible with all kinds of sports nutrition, but not always they can be taken at the same time. It is not necessary to combine amino acids with protein, gainer, substitute food – this reduces the rate of their assimilation. After taking amino acids, there are no side effects, as this is a natural food component.

The Action of Amino Acids

Professionals recommend to take pure amino acids, but this is just a wild muck. Seriously, it’s much easier for me to force myself to eat a bunch of chicken breasts every day than to drink this disgusting powder. Therefore I advise all the same to take amino acids with taste, so you will at least feel pleasure from the very process of admission.

Personally, I did not feel any changes, neither in the growth of muscle mass. It’s hard to say that they did not work, maybe without them, everything would be even worse. But if you choose between them and the protein, I would leave the protein, since its effect is more pronounced than that of the amino acids.

Fat Burners

These are nutritional supplements that allow regulating the level of subcutaneous fat. These supplements help build muscle mass without increasing of unnecessary fat.

Fat burners are made by drawing plants or derivatives of amino acids. The main components contained in fat burners: green tea extract, Cambodian garcin, guarana extract, white willow bark, dandelion root, bacchus extract, jojoba seed, ginger, cayenne pepper, juniper berries, L-carnitine, chrome, pomeranian, L-tyrosine, acetyl L-carnitine, vitamin B5, chitosan.

Taking fat burners, you effectively reduce weight and get a slender, embossed body. If properly taken, fat burners will not cause your body any harm. They are an environmentally friendly product that does not contain toxic substances.

Are Fat Burners Good to Use?

The first time after taking fat burners, you feel incredible euphoria, as if you drank a bunch of energy supplement. In training, you do not think of anything except work in the gym, and this concentration is a cool feeling. Adding fat burners in my diet for a month, I dropped somewhere in a kilogram more than fell before without them.

But not everything is so good. The fat burners hit hard enough in the psyche. First, the package says a warning that they can not be taken less than 5 hours before bedtime. In fact, I took them in the morning or the afternoon, and still very often could not fall asleep all night. Secondly, after a while, you can become more aggressive (not in my case). I had euphoria after taking fat burners, so I can not confirm it 100%.

Do not forget that this is a fairly strong load on the body, and the fact that your body will continuously maintain the temperature 1-2 degrees above the norm, it will not affect it positively. To say that they can not be accepted is hypocrisy because I took them and did not regret it, but if you have any health problems, then consult with your doctor.

Vitamin and Mineral Complexes

These are organic compounds with high biological activity, necessary for the healthy vital activity of the organism. Therefore, they must enter the human body with food.

Vitamin-mineral complexes are especially necessary during training, stress, to maintain and strengthen immunity.

The Use of Sports Vitamins

I very much regret that I did not start taking vitamins and minerals at the very beginning of my training. Now I have to put up with the old injuries in the joints, which I received, coming into the hall and starting to lift massive weights, like an idiot. The organism did not forgive me this. It seems to me that the vitamins could prevent this or at least mitigate the consequences.

There is a huge amount of IUD on the market. The price can turn out completely different with the same composition, and it is straightforward to overpay for the brand. However, as elsewhere. The only side effect can be the yellow color of urine at the first receptions. This is because the complex contains vitamin B2, which gives this characteristic color.


Proper sports nutrition, appropriately selected, should provide the body with everything necessary, including a full set of vitamins. Everything will depend on what exactly you want to do. For bodybuilding, you need an increased protein content in the body. If you need to improve muscle mass, then take amino acids before and after training, and also in the morning. At these times, a high rate of amino acid intake is necessary. If you are going to lose weight, then the amino acids are taken more often: before and after training, in the morning, in breaks between meals, as their use suppresses catabolism, reduces appetite and keeps the muscles. Protein additives are best used in combination with glutamine, creatine or fat burner. This will allow you to achieve high results intensively.

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