Product Page
Vivo Life Ritual Plant Based Protein (Vanilla)
Vivo Life Ritual Plant Based Protein (Vanilla)
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Vivo Life Ritual Plant Based Protein (Vanilla)
Vivo Life Ritual Plant Based Protein (Vanilla)
Prime Benefits

Vivo Life Protein Demo Video

hey everyone so let’s make a quick
review video today for a product that’s
just come in the mail I hope is to put
up if it’s something else it’s going to
be really embarrassing but no I’m
assuming it is the fever light protein
is something I wanted to try for quite a
while now because a lot of people on
YouTube but reviewing them saying that
they’re really good and I looked up
what’s in them and it’s really good
so let me show you what flavor I’ve got
okay I’m so glad I’m so glad this is it
if it was something else I don’t really
know what we’ve done okay so I’ve got
the blueberry and SIU flavor this flavor
just appealed to me mostly there’s a
bunch on there which is really cool I’ll
tell you what appealed to me about this
it wasn’t the price and just to clarify
quickly I’m not sponsored by fever like
I wish it was but I’m not
they didn’t send me this I didn’t get
this for free I paid for it and we’re
gonna get on surprise in a moment so
this is a 100% honest review this is
just my opinion on it you might
experience something different so I’ll
tell you what appealed to me off the
back it’s that that this product is not
full of your usual ingredients that you
get in a protein whether that be a whey
protein which is full of crap anyway or
a plant-based protein to make something
tastes good you’ve got to add sweeteners
okay and the sweeteners in this are all
organic stuff so there’s literally
nothing bad in it but it’s just full of
antioxidants it’s got SI unit which is
actually a fruit a lot of people don’t
know that you’ve got 25 grams of protein
obviously it’s vegan its gluten-free you
get six grams of BCAAs which are
branched chain amino acid so there’s a
smooth texture and it’s even got humor
it extract
so it gets big thumbs up from me
yeah just read in the back this was mad
pink Himalayan salt digestive enzyme
complex ginger extract peppermint leaf
fennel seed beetroot powder cold pressed
hemp protein pea protein there’s on it
I’m looking for something bad and I knew
there wouldn’t be any way because I
looked at the ingredients before
ordering it but this there’s just
nothing in here that’s gonna harm you or
the can cause of disease
Wow okay so the price you’re looking at
about 30 to 40 pound for one of these
depending on if you use a discount code
or anything like that it’s small case
it’s about almost as big as my head
and that’s that’s a lot of money I’m not
gonna like that’s a lot of money for
this size protein you can get protein
bags the quadrupled this size for the
same price
however okay and I’m not saying this to
get brownie points or anything but I’ve
used a lot of plant proteins in my time
I think my favorite ones are probably
fitchett yes yes I’ve tried fit cheap
protein garden of life and Sunwarrior
okay I was using my proteins weight gain
and boys and that was really tasty but
the problem is when they taste really
good day they usually tend to add a lot
of sweeteners and a lot of sugars to
make it taste bare and this stuff as I
say has nothing bad in it that’s what
I’m a little bit nervous for the taste
test which is coming up right now I
can’t stop reading it because it’s just
like it’s music to my ears all right so
it says add one scoop to your blender or
shake up with 300 milliliters of water
or coconut water nut milk and other
ingredients of your choice and then it
says mix well and enjoy well I’m
certainly gonna mix it well and I’m
hoping to enjoy all of this training you
to take one scoop 90 minutes before and
or within 30 minutes after your workout
to maximize your performance and
recovery well I will do that test as
well here we go
oh I’ve got annoyed because I can find
the scooper but the smell quickly
replaced my annoyance that’s so nice
obviously mmm it just smells like
blueberry mmm okay enough smoke usually
when you bite me protein packet you open
it and it’s about half way down this
stuff is pretty much cool I can’t stop
smelling the stuff it must be precise
there’s 300 milliliters of soy milk okay
there’s a nice heat scoop now again I’m
gonna try and add these to my smoothies
because that’s the only time I ever use
proteins I think it’s a waste of protein
powder if you just use it with milk or
water on its own every time because
there’s so many other things you can do
with it you can add it to your porridge
you can add it to your smoothies that’s
what I do and then it just boosts to
boost the flavor and increases the
protein intake so nice to not see any
lumps okay so we’ve got ten out of ten
so far this could make or break it
that didn’t open correctly I was meant
to go okay so it’s got ten out of ten so
far this could make or break it
smells good
ooh pleasantly surprising oh that did
not taste how I expected it to yeah you
can definitely taste the pea protein you
can taste the blueberries oh how do you
explain this if you’re used to having a
protein powder that is full of
sweeteners and stuff it takes amazing
but it’s full of
whereas this stuff you can really taste
how good it is I could happily drink
this on a time it takes quite a the–
but see the things I like that because I
know it’s healthy just right it’s all
just kind of I’m joining all the dots
right now you know the price what’s in
it how it tastes and for such a small
bag it is worth it in my opinion he
excites me as well because I know that
there’s so many different flavors out
there I think this is just gonna be my
favorite I love blueberries oh oh I
can’t stop smelling the stuff
there’s something about blueberries and
this in a like a fruit smoothie with
greens and other things which is taste
well that was a pleasant experience I’m
thoroughly impressed by performed by
vivo life’s poor for the price
yes worth it but you know if you’re
really skin then you know you could get
something else but for what’s in it and
more importantly what’s not in it
no dairy non-gmo no added sugars or
sweeteners or anything like that it’s
all really good natural earthy stuff
tastes great I definitely recommend it
and one last same for a few of usually
when you drink your shake it’s like oh
you can feel it I’ve just drunk this and
I don’t feel like I’ve had anything I
don’t feel like I’ve had anything at all
it’s like I could have another one if I
want it well oh I’m looking forward to
seeing how this helps with my training
and everything anyways thanks so much
for watching everyone please subscribe
if you like the video there’s plenty
more coming your way have a good day
there’s something at the bottom of the
bowl Oh a tutorial on how to make salted
caramel sweet potato oh there it is what
a lovely message shame it won’t focus
hey ah Thank You George with a smiley
face you very welcome thank you for
providing me with good health
there is a spider oh there was a spider

Bestseller No. 1
Vivo Life Ritual Plant Based Protein (Vanilla)
  • 20g of plant based protein per serving
  • Fermented and cold pressed protein for optimal digestion
  • Third party lab tested for heavy metals and over 500 different herbicides and pesticides"
  • Certified vegan by The Vegan Society
  • Versatile and delicious tasting protein powder to boost protein intake as part of a healthy lifestyle

Vivo Life Protein Review

Is there a benefit to Vivo Life protein powder? It seems as though every time a new health product comes out, people are concerned about the ingredient list. Many of these products are hyped up and sold as “the one” but what are the real ingredients and how do they affect your body? It’s important that you know the answers to these questions before you buy.

Vivo Life protein powder pros:

  • The taste is fantastic.
  • Comes in flavors such as chocolate milk and orange.
  • Has Turmeric extract in it.


  • Does not contain a serving scoop (must pay extra for it).
  • One of the highest-priced protein powders available.
  • No protein isolate, which means you will have to make it with whey.

How much does Vivo Life protein powder cost? It varies quite a bit. Some sites offer a free trial and some websites are a little more expensive. If you are using it on a consistent basis, this is not a huge deal, but if you are just using it once or twice per week then it’s probably a better idea to pay for a little more. You don’t have to buy any fancy protein shakes to use this powder. Just mix it into your regular coffee and drink up!

Last update on 2021-04-18 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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