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Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Vanilla Flavored With Other Natural Flavors 16 OZ (1 LB) 454 g
Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Chocolate Flavored With Other Natural Flavors 16 OZ (1 LB) 454 g
Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Vanilla Flavored
Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Chocolate Flavored
Trader Joe
Trader Joe
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Product Page
Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Vanilla Flavored With Other Natural Flavors 16 OZ (1 LB) 454 g
Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Vanilla Flavored
Trader Joe
Prime Benefits
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Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Chocolate Flavored With Other Natural Flavors 16 OZ (1 LB) 454 g
Trader Joe's - Whey Protein Powder Dietary Supplement Chocolate Flavored
Trader Joe
Prime Benefits
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Trader Joe’s Vegan Protein Demo Video

hey guys what’s up doing another review
today Fitness is obviously a big part of
this channel and I just did that Trader
Joe’s haul so I want to tribute
something in that haul the pea protein
it’s going to be my first time eating it
drinking at consuming it so gonna be
interesting it’s gonna be an honest
review obviously I can’t lie and I can’t
like hide my feelings on my face so this
was super cheap it was like $13.99 for
the tub at Trader Joe’s P protein
obviously which is a little bit smoother
than rice protein it is a vanilla but
it’s unsweetened so I might add stevia
to it and there are 18 servings in the
container about $14 for the whole
container that’s about 78 cents of
serving so it’s pretty cheap as well so
but get into it so obviously this is my
most favorite place to film in my
kitchen that much is clear I’m really
excited to try this I love that tray
joes makes things cheap I noticed the
other day they have maca powder there
too so when I run out I’m really excited
to replenish my supply there in general
I just love Trader Joe’s because it’s so
cheap it is always crowded those say
that I like to pick and choose when you
go if I need something quick or if I
have little patience which is pretty
often I usually go to Whole Foods
obviously because it’s just easier to
get in and out of there but when I feel
mentally stable I like going to Trader
Joe’s and it’s always worth it like it’s
always words that honestly I should be
going more often than I do but we all
have our struggles we all have our vices
this is my life and I’m making choices
and paying the price either mentally or
physically so
anyway the only ingredient in this pea
protein is organic pea isolate I don’t
really have to put a screen up here for
that let’s get into the nutrition facts
so read up about 20 grams of protein per
100 calories is a great ratio 2 grams
with fat one gram of carb I complained
that I hear a lot about vegan protein
blends is that there’s a lot of sodium
in them and I’m not going to lie and say
that there’s not there’s about 360
milligrams of sodium in here but if you
don’t add a lot of salt to your food or
you don’t eat a lot of salty things in
general I do not see a problem with that
oh it also is 5 milligrams of iron in it
which apparently is 28% of your daily
value so another thing that I like in
here is that this powder has branched
chain amino acids from the pea obviously
as I so busine and leucine in it
branched chain amino acids as I’ve
mentioned before are the building blocks
of muscle so it’s really great to
consume those either intra workout or
post-workout I always drink caffeinated
BCAAs to get me through my workout
because I need that caffeine and I feel
like it helps me work out I usually
consume BCAAs like others and in my
protein powder but if you don’t if you
opt for like coffee as like a
that’s like where you get your caffeine
from then it’s really beneficial to have
branched chain amino acids in your
protein powder for your post-workout so
that you can have a better recovery this
is also USDA certified organic which is
never a bad thing
obviously gluten-free alright well I
guess I’m gonna try it now
scoopers near the top and that’s always
a good thing I am gonna use another
scooper to dig that scooper out alright
first impressions upon just like feeling
it from the tub is that it’s not the
most fine protein powder I’ve ever felt
but it’s not the most chalky either is a
little bit more chalky than fine just so
I can get the best blend possible music
Blender Bottle that rubber came off
the little hook right here so I just
completely ripped it off anyway and I
did put about like eight ounces in here
that’s standard I usually fill it up a
little bit more but I’ll usually do like
half almond milk and half water anyway
for these purposes I’m just doing like
the 8 ounces the serving size is two
scoops so you want to put two scoops and
looks like a normal protein shake it
smells pretty pretty normal
that’s nice I like it I like it even
without adding CDF it’s like it’s really
smooth there’s no like chalking nests or
anything it’s just like it’s a little
bit bitter at the end I like the vanilla
flavor the almond milk that I used also
has vanilla flavor in it so that’s
something to take into account but this
is actually a great staple really great
if you have a soy intolerance really
great if you are on a budget because
this is cheapest house it’s even cheaper
than the organs that I buy frequently
there’s like a little bit of sediment
but not it’s not like noticeable stuff
like negligible honestly if you’re just
using a protein shake to get your
protein and not to like satisfy like a
sweet tooth or some language I do this
is great it fit it like a nutritional
tool I do want to add some stevia to it
to see how it tastes I can only imagine
that it gets better
alright now its stevia
oh that’s actually really great I use
stevia in the raw it’s just the best
stevia that I found I don’t like oh I
don’t really like Truvia because when I
hold it like above a hot drink then it
like cakes together and it gets really
gross but I like stevia in the raw I
used this for years and years and years
like five years it’s the best brand of
stevia I’m very happy I’m very very
satisfied I feel like my money was well
spent I didn’t get gypped on either
protein content or calories or price I’m
just really I’m just really pleased my
loyalty to Trader Joe’s is just
increased tenfold
I need like a case of this protein this
is all you need if you live by Trader
Joe’s if you are fortunate enough to
have access to a Trader Joe’s and we’re
in the fitness whether you’re vegan or
not this protein is amazing and I highly
recommend I get some even if you’re just
like going through a time in your life
and you just need like extra snacks
there’s something good this protein is
so cheap and protein fills you up more
than anything else really it keeps you
satisfied for longer and that is
scientifically proven
but look this protein is cheaper than a
candy bar it’s cheaper then I think an
apple it’s cheaper than a protein bar
it’s cheaper than McDonald’s and it’s
gonna keep you satisfied and it’s gonna
keep you healthy unless you have a pee
intolerance this is a no-brainer so
cheap such a good value
I highly recommend literally don’t think
there’s anything else I can say about
this protein other than you should try
it so I guess I’m just gonna leave it
thanks God too because I didn’t know how
this was gonna go like it was disgusting
I obviously would tell you but that
would make such a bummer video let me
know if you want me to review anything
else leave a comment below if you like
this video or you found it helpful if
you’ve got some value today give it a
thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you
wish as always thank you for supporting
my channel I’ve been making videos for
almost a year now and I don’t have like
a huge following but it really means a
every time someone watches my video I
truly appreciate each and every single
view and single comment and thumbs up
that I get but that’s pretty much it for
me but yeah let me know what else you
want to see in the future because I’m
not gonna stop making videos sorry I
hope you guys have a great day and I’ll
talk to you soon bye

Trader Joe’s Whey Protein

Trader Joe whey protein has recently come out with a new product. This product is targeted to the novice weight lifter who is just trying to add protein to his/her diet and gain lean muscle mass.

This product is basically a bar of whey protein with many other healthy ingredients to support muscle growth. A Trader Joe uses a proprietary blend of premium whey proteins and a combination of natural amino acids to help the body build muscle faster and gain more lean muscle mass. These products are designed to be a healthy alternative to the typical whey protein shakes.

Trader Joe protein power bar contains one of the highest amounts of protein of any product on the market today. The reason why they are able to provide this much protein in a small bar is because this product is designed to be consumed as is, which means no mixing and matching or worrying about getting the right amount of protein.

Trader Joe protein power is a great way to get all the essential amino acids and healthy proteins your body needs. However, with all the different protein supplements on the market today it can become difficult to know which one will best suit your needs. By using a protein bar you can be assured of getting the essential proteins and amino acids your body needs, which can be a big difference for a person’s overall health and energy level.

Another great thing about this new product is that the prices are very affordable. Many of the protein supplements on the market today are extremely expensive, especially when you take into consideration all the ingredients that go into making them. With Trader Joe whey protein you can be assured that this product will last you a long time without having to worry about the cost of buying a supplement each month or year.

Protein is one of the most important things a person can consume if they want to look good, stay healthy and build lean muscle. With the help of this product you can be sure that the ingredients used in creating this product are all natural, which means no harmful chemicals were used. This is the main reason why so many people choose to use a protein supplement over the traditional whey shakes. Since you can get the essential nutrients from a Trader Joe protein supplement you can have an easier time maintaining the correct levels of these nutrients.

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