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Total War Pre-Workout Demo Video

galo game is your Boyan swab and i’m
back and i’m reviewing the the total war
from my redcon one you know it’s good
because I bought two so let me tell you
about my experience so actually I picked
this one out first histor total war
um pineapple juice first I’m gonna talk
about the flavor because that’s the most
important part to me cuz lately I
haven’t been you know just sipping on my
pre-workout o slowly like I like to
really drink it in in dollars because
sometimes it’s good but I have to type
this one total war pineapple juice is
bad it’s like really bad like it tastes
like shit and the bad thing about it is
let me show you it comes with this
fucking big-ass scoop so has a lot of
powder like a lot of powder of bad
tasting shit but you know that’s not all
she wrote for this shit because this is
actually really really good
like the scoop is really big so I
wouldn’t recommend doing it you know you
know throw it back because you will die
Jesus please no do not do that I did
that she wanted my throat was like
scratching really bad for like two days
like I don’t just don’t don’t do that at
all alright so you know the perks or you
know the facts nutrition facts about
this stuff it uh it has a subscribe for
citrulline and that’s basically what
gives you a pump so has a lot of
situation I don’t know like the daily
recommended dose of Ciccolini but since
that six grams and I’ve took citrulline
know just in a pass by itself I know you
can take a lottery shit you get a good
pump the more you take the better pump
you get but I’ll go drank a whole fuck
playing a situation because you might
you might not make it so yeah you get a
great pump with this and I figure
alright you got six times essentially so
he might have they might not have that
much caffeine because you know if you
makes too much caffeine with your pump
you know formulas it takes away from
your pump me like counteracts with each
other so you gotta like space that up
but actually it has 250 milligrams of
caffeine ass you know it’s decent it’s
like in the middle like when a higher
side is probably like over 3
so two fifties great and it won’t fuck
up with your pump but I kind of think
that’s a myth because I took two two
scoops of this stuff before and I got a
pretty good part so I don’t I don’t know
that’s what the GNC motherfuckers say I
use or agency to they like to sound
smart but yeah I would not recommend
doing to school bestow cuz that’s a lot
of powder like I said and you will be
bugging the fuck out like the quality of
that caffeine is a1 like that shit it
gets you right like just do one scoop
don’t don’t be that guy I do a scoop and
a half or a quarter but two scoops
absolutely not do not do two schools so
I finished that I loved it it was great
and so I went and got another one and I
got this I actually got this today I
just got finished training this is the
blue lemonade so I’m like yeah I’m gonna
try a new flavor cuz Evan was horrible
but I love this stuff and now I don’t
know man it’s not as horrible as the
pineapple juice but it’s weird because
like who I was doing a flavour imparted
a shit like they need to fire you and
put me in that spot because when you mix
teach it in your water be – ain’t even
blue was great like what the fuck so I’m
like yo many much it’s expired and I
look and it’s not a spot it like
they probably just did away with the
artificial coloring but I’m like why I
called it blue lemonade though but like
I said this stuff is really good I got
it from GFC is priced at $44.99 so Lee’s
like $45 but I tell ya a little hack
both each time I got this stuff on your
pay $22 for cuz you know TNC does to
beat him about a buck shit and this is
not not a shout-out or promotion as um
so you fucked them because suck my dick
they fire me but anyway yes beating my
buck they do it’ll be a meeting about a
buck little awful little deal whatever
you want to call it and I get this stuff
fucking $20 basically each time and this
stuff is like good it shit’s potent like
it’s all around just great like a
pre-workout I would compare it to its
mr. Hyde nama saya
dr. jackal dr. Jekyll cuz as like modern
caffeine but
you know a lot of the punk shit so you
can be pumped up I’m always pumped up
but you know we should really run out
the enemy you know I mean I feel like
she doing a love story about this shit I
mean maybe I am because I love it but
anyway yeah it beats out dr. jackal it
beats it out because it has more
citrulline and it doesn’t go crazy like
mixing a type of pump juices like all
you need is sitting sitting me eat some
bread before you work out some sodium
whatever initial get you right I’m
telling you so I would really really
recommend this stuff the total war by
redcon one they got good shit Mike this
is a legitimate company I would
recommend it to everybody
I’ve been using it it’s been great and
uh yeah it’s good stuff
what else didn’t that price taste else I
don’t know but this is good go hit it
go try it and tell me about it follow me
on is who I met Dion swallows know send
me things to review because then you
know I actually take these things and I
can give an honest with you and I worked
out every day not just sound cool why
I’m cool
oh yeah let me know which I want me to
review and I will review them but AM re
here did you

Total War Pre Workout

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