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Premier Protein 100% Whey Protein Powder(Keto Friendly, No Soy Ingredients, Gluten Free), 23.9 Oz
Premier Protein Whey Powder, Chocolate, 24.5 Oz
Premier Protein Powder, Vanilla Milkshake, 30g Protein, 1g Sugar, 100% Whey Protein, Keto Friendly, No Soy Ingredients, Gluten Free, 17 servings, 23.3 ounces
Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder, Cafe Latte
Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate
Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla
Premier Protein
Premier Protein
Premier Protein
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Premier Protein 100% Whey Protein Powder(Keto Friendly, No Soy Ingredients, Gluten Free), 23.9 Oz
Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder, Cafe Latte
Premier Protein
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Premier Protein Whey Powder, Chocolate, 24.5 Oz
Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate
Premier Protein
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Premier Protein Powder, Vanilla Milkshake, 30g Protein, 1g Sugar, 100% Whey Protein, Keto Friendly, No Soy Ingredients, Gluten Free, 17 servings, 23.3 ounces
Premier Protein Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla
Premier Protein
Prime Benefits

 Premier Protein Demo Video

morning everyone it is Friday it’s
weigh-in day it is October 21st and I
promised you guys I would have a way an
update so the only bad thing is my
weight stayed the same I currently weigh
myself at home so um I usually just
weigh myself right in the morning when I
wake up and I stayed exactly the same
167 point 4 which I know it’s not a bad
thing but I was expecting at least like
a 1 pound loss and last night I did have
subway with chips and maybe it was like
too much sodium in one day I’m not
really sure but either way it’s not a
bad thing I know that I can pull off a
bigger loss next week that’s another
thing I wanted to update you guys on is
that um since I mentioned in my last
video before that I will be leaving
Thursday morning ish to head down to
Southern California and meet up with
Karen and her husband um I will be
instead of weighing in on Friday I’m
going to be weighing in on Thursday
unless for some reason I decided to
bring my scale with me then I’ll weigh
in on Friday but I think I would rather
just weigh in on Thursday and have you
know my weekly is to use during the time
that we’re at Disneyland and then the
following week before the bachelorette
party that I’m going to I plan to weigh
in that Thursday morning as well um
Thursday November 3rd instead of Friday
November 4th so I think after that week
my weigh-ins will go back to being on
Fridays and eventually I will be joining
back to the Weight Watchers meetings and
then that’ll be different because um my
location only has Friday weigh in at 12
o’clock and I don’t really like that
because I don’t like to eat or drink
before I weigh myself so I think that
when I join the meeting sometime in
November I will be weighing in on
Saturdays but I’ll let you guys know as
that comes closer and I wanted to show
you guys I am trying the new popular
thing that everyone’s doing now you
order this iced doppio espresso over ice
and a venti Cup
and actually this has been sitting in my
car so when I first got it it was only
up to here and then the rest was filled
with ice but now that all this ice has
melted it’s it looks like I have more
coffee but I really don’t it was really
only up to here and then this is like
the thing I’m seeing all over Instagram
right now is you add this premier
protein shake into here this is only two
smart points
it has 160 calories three grams of fat
one gram of saturated fat five carbs two
fiber only one gram of sugar which is I
believe why it’s so low in points and 30
grams of protein so this is the caramel
flavor I got it at Walmart my target did
not have it I got the 4-pack for 749 and
then I also got a four pack of the
vanilla for 749 they also had at what my
Walmart they had chocolate and banana
but I wanted to give these ones a try
and I wanted to like let you guys know
how it is so give me a second and I’m
going to shake it up and I think the
first person I saw do this was um her
name is Lauren losing it on Instagram
I’ll put her Instagram name down below
and I mean I I’ve literally seen at
least ten people do this on um the like
the Weight Watchers
um Instagram community whatever you call
so what smells good so I’m going to add
it in here
that looks so cool I don’t know if the
whole thing is going to fit because my
ice melted yeah there’s still a little
bit left and hopefully this doesn’t um
ruin the taste too much now that it’s
like watered down with ice but that’s
what it looks like so this whole venti
drink is only two smart points um it’s
really not like a money saver if you ask
me because the four pack of premier
protein was 750 which is like almost $2
a bottle Plus this um double shot of
espresso was $2.00 so really it’s like a
four dollar drink I mean I guess it
saves you a little bit but um I think
what everyone’s more excited about is
the fact that you can have this whole
thing for only two smart points and it’s
also kind of like a meal replacement
because it’s only it’s a protein drink
so let’s see how I like it
oh they were not lying to me this is
super good it’s actually sweeter than I
expected it to be um now I’m curious
what do they sweeten it with
oh good
so they sweeten it with sucralose which
is Splenda not aspartame I usually make
sure that anything that I drink um
that’s like sugar-free is not sweetened
with aspartame because I know that that
causes health problems and whatnot so um
it does have a really extensive like
list of ingredients I don’t know if you
can read that because of the Sun but um
I wow that is really good um and I’m
pretty picky when it comes to like
coffee drinks and protein shakes and all
of that so now I’m excited to try the
vanilla and I know that Karen and I are
both going to be bringing these to
Disneyland with us so that when we go
and we get Starbucks in the morning we
won’t be indulging too much and we’re
going to try to maintain some balance
you know some good food some bad food
but anyways I just wanted to update you
guys that my way and staying exactly the
same I have a new game plan for this
week I’m going to try and eat bigger
lunches and smaller dinners and also
stay within my points as much as
possible but if I go over by like five
or six points a day I never let that
bother me and sorry my nose is running
um but I yeah go out and try these at
premiere protein drinks I’ve heard also
that Sam’s Club carries the caramel
flavor depending on where you live I
checked my Costco here in town and they
had a like a 30 pack of a 24 30 pack of
chocolate and I think banana they didn’t
have any karma or any vanilla though so
I didn’t want to go and buy the big pack
until I knew if I liked it or not
but um yeah I definitely recommend this
I would say out of 10 I would probably
give it like an 8 so yeah um I hope
everyone has a great weekend and I will
talk to you guys soon bye one last thing
I wanted to mention is that if you don’t
follow Karyn yet I will put all of her
information down below she has an
Instagram a YouTube channel and a snap
name um I will put all of that down
below go ahead and subscribe to her her
videos are amazing she takes like the
best food pictures and she’s super
inspiring so go ahead and follow her and
you got you guys will see um you’ll
probably see a vlog of our Disney trip
if you go and follow her because she’s
way better at filming and editing and
just everything I told her she never but
um we’ll see so yeah go ahead and follow
her and I will see you guys soon bye
it’s so good even the kitty loves it I
cut you yes I did

Premier Protein Powder

If you are in the market for a whey protein supplement then you will be glad to know that there is a very good variety of supplements available today. These supplements include powder, pill and liquid. Of course you should make sure that you choose the right one. Here are some things to consider when choosing your protein supplement.

When it comes to a whey protein supplement, you should always think about what your body needs. If you are trying to build muscle or gain weight then you should look for a supplement that provides your body with all the necessary amino acids. These amino acids help your body repair itself and get back into shape.

Another thing to consider when choosing a protein supplement is the way in which the powder is made. Many of these types of protein supplements can be found at your local health food store but if you want the best type of supplement then you will need to look for it online. Most of the ingredients used in these supplements are natural and you will not have any harmful effects on your body when taking them.

There are also some other advantages to choosing Premier protein powder as opposed to others. One advantage is that you will be able to make your own protein if you want to. You will only need to buy one bottle and make your own. If you are looking to gain weight then this will be the best choice for you.

The most important thing that you should think about when choosing a supplement is the amount that you should take on a regular basis. If you are an athlete then you will probably need a supplement with more protein than if you were just trying to lose weight. Always think about your goals and what your body needs to reach them before you make a purchase.

Premier has been around for a while and has been making some great products. Take some time and check out the website to see all of the great features that they offer.

One of the things that people love about Premier protein powder is the fact that they are made in the USA. This means that you can be confident that the ingredients that are being used are 100% pure and free of chemicals. This can be a big advantage because you are assured that you will have the highest quality product possible.

There are many different ways that you can use this protein powder. For example, you can make your own protein bars. These bars can be used by people who need to add protein to their diet or those who want to add a little extra boost to their meals. If you like a smoothie then you will love this product as well.

Using Premier protein powder means that you can enjoy the convenience and ease of using it. Whether you are an athlete or just want to feel better, this supplement will be worth looking into. As you can see, it is an affordable option that you will find useful.

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