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Amp Gnc Whey Protein Demo Video

yo what’s going on guys it’s your boy T
pit come back at you with another video
for Nuala channel make sure to hit that
subscribe button and like this video but
today we’re gonna be reviewing the amp
GNC protein like a lot of people ask
what supplements I take and to be honest
I found a pre-workout that I like to
take to mr. Hayat I always take mr.
Hayat but like with the proteins man
it’s like I saw them found that right
pokeyman so if you have any protein that
you guys take leave a comment down below
and I’ll try it out but I got this GNC
like G and C’s Brandon protein is just a
whey protein and uh it seems pretty good
it has 40 grams per scoop of protein 15
grams of BCAA and just love another
stuff I’ll put the I’ll put the
ingredients in the video but I could
tell you they’re for the line yeah we’re
gonna be trying it out and it’s my
favorite day of the week it’s
deadlifting day oh yeah I’m ago my
brother and I’m gonna crush some
deadlifts and do some back but yeah I
got some vanilla right here we’re gonna
try it out become a little scoop like
that this is just regular vanilla guys I
like to mix it with milk because water
is just it’s just not as good with water
and I’m just gonna travel on scoop with
milk see how it is good shake
the flavor is pretty good it’s really
strong vanilla it makes it pretty loud
it seems like I didn’t shake it that
much but you know how people take their
protein before they go the gym logic
will take it after they go gym
to be honest I think the most effective
time to take protein is literally 30
minutes after your workout because your
muscles are all torn it’s literally
feeding your muscles but like I’m just
doing this first the review I would take
cooking in the morning and like 30
minutes can how or after I workout it
just depends but yeah let’s get into the
workout and let’s full send it for the
I just dropped a bag of daylight what it
is grant money flipper coming little
chick I’m gonna realize city minion or
the kid give me a my wrist again
sorry wanna you can’t ever trust him
with a crack if I came with the cold and
she probably went to crawl to that night
it’s a Magic City welcome to the bag got
a cheetah with me
late night robbing in the crib if I show
you where I stayed and you probably
never will forget me shiny throw a bag
full of shiny actin pussy like she live
in Hidden Hills on the side of string
and play the field looking like a snake
but she pissing like a meal i’ma keep it
push and make the counter tick but let’s
break down no more run the check we sell
apparel minnows GBCs gonna sip on Hester
in the workout my spider-man shaker I
kick a DCA’s move it you can set them
all day or this put some pants on you
let me show you what I call some friends
you could call it feel meter for the
click up the salon Evo do I like it’s
not in this is where we go welcome to
the club the same I know hell of a night
and so babe I don’t want you dance will
you drop it to the base then you lose
girl want you back that ass up stop
before stunning you can stay the
kencho-ji – ow – I know

GNC Whey Protein

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While we all appreciate the free shipping and other perks, another great thing about GNC is that they offer a money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase. If this isn’t something you’re looking for, they will give you your money back and then some, if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

While you’re looking over the different health benefits offered by GNC, look into their protein powders as well. They come in a variety of flavors to suit just about any taste, making them very convenient. Try to pick one that has all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to boost your metabolism. You will notice that they taste better and help to increase your energy levels too.

Last update on 2021-06-29 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.