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GNC Pro Performance BCAA
GNC AMP MYOPOWER BCAA - Cherry Limeade, 20 Servings, Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis and Fuels Performance
GNC Pro Performance BCAA
Prime Benefits
Product Page
GNC Pro Performance BCAA
GNC Pro Performance BCAA
Prime Benefits
Product Page
GNC AMP MYOPOWER BCAA - Cherry Limeade, 20 Servings, Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis and Fuels Performance
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Prime Benefits

Let’s compare BCAAs from GNC

hi you to Disney cast the African Queen
so I wanted to come away really quick
and do a comparison video between two
BCAA that I’ve been using during my
workouts so the first one that I
purchased is by Beyond
Raw and it is the precision BCA in the
I see fireworks is here so first things
first it tastes really good I I really
enjoyed the flavor of this one is really
good so you get so you need two scoops
of this and it cools 30 servings um this
was pretty expensive I forget how much
it was I want to say upwards toward like
50 ish 60-ish dollars it’s pretty
expensive so it has BCA
and it has six carbs so Oh what else is
in here
zero sugar so basically the way that I
need this particular product during my
workout so I would make this and how
many ounces of water it out to so we’ll
put this in 8 ounces of water and while
I’m doing my cardio I would be sipping
on that so it’s great for muscle
recovery if I had a really hard
weightlifting session I would drink this
when I got home so that I want to feel
like muscle aches and pains so that was
okay so I did everybody huh it’s okay
but it could be better so I went back to
dancing and I picked up beefs BPI sports
this one here and the flavor is
I believe cotton candy Oh snow cone so
this is called snow cone
you only need one scoop of this and it’s
also for 30 servings what I like about
this one this one has CLA in it which
firms like fat so that’s really good one
thing I want to say is two scoops of
this like as far as your BCAAs it takes
two scoops of this to equal 10 grams of
BCAA and this is half the servings only
one scoop is 5 grams of BCAA right so I
would need 2 scoops of this to equal 10
BPA’s and this one is 1 scoop this is a
30-day supply and technically this would
be a 15 day supply if I get two scoops
of it but let me tell you guys ok
one scoop of this is plenty I got so
much more endurance so when I first
started running on the treadmill I could
do maybe like 7 minutes with this one I
got up to I think 12 or 15 minutes
running non-stop when I started on this
one I the first time I ran 22 minutes
and now I just do a 30-minute run
non-stop and this is I’m drinking now
I’m not saying this is a miracle
I’m like that is a miracle product or
anything like that but it just helps
with the muscle 8 like it just it gives
me the endurance just to keep going and
also what I do so what I want to trade
I will cover up the display so that I
have no idea how long I’ve ever run I
listen to my music so I know like if I
run five songs that’s like 18 minutes
and if I do like seven or eight songs I
know I met my 30 minute mark and then I
like uncover it single a peek see how
close I am to cover it back up
um so yes that’s what I do now I will
say now so I haven’t I have not taken
either one of these in a week and you
guys I can still really 30 minutes
non-stop nothing is easy eh so what I
realized that it’s not the BCAA it’s not
the BCAA that gave me the endurance it
was my own willpower I always say these
products are good for someone that is
just throwing out and they need that
extra push in the right direction give
me a try
they’ll keep your muscles relax and not
fatigue in the beginning until you get
the willpower to be able to do it on
your own so like I said for a whole week
I’ve been doing it although no
assistance whatsoever
Oh me baby Oh me 30 minutes on the
treadmill I listen to a lot of African
music so I like Dave Idol I listen to
some Jamaican I’m like pop con and this
is a little rap I like a little Wayne
and I listen to
what’s another rapper I can’t think
right now but I have like a whole
playlist so yeah so if you’re just
driving about give it a try for if
you’re doing part of it you’re doing
cardio and you get tired like your legs
hurt really really quick like two
minutes you’re already like oh my god I
can’t make it give these a try while
you’re on the treadmill just sip a
little bit just take a little small sips
just step a little bit and see if you
fall a little bit longer if you are
doing weightlifting so let me say this
about the weightlifting part so my
brother who is active military I would
go to the gym together well he was here
on vacation on the southeast he’s out
west but I’m he was here on vacation and
we worked out for three days
when I tell you these didn’t work I was
so sore I had to take Epsom salt bath I
had to go find something gay I had to go
find some green rubbing alcohol I was
like crawling up the steps crawling down
the steps trying to stand up the legs
hurt and stomach hurt and arms her back
hurt even my feet was hurting from the
workouts that my brother there my
brother make me endure so we can call a
fitness tip that my brother taught me
isolation that should tip when you are
on those weightlifting machines if
you’re doing arms legs well I guess you
can only isolate your arms
when you are doing those machines where
you do like this or a like pulldown or
anything like that do one arm at a time
whatever you know one isolate that one
arm whatever you set your weights to on
the machine or rack the ring I wrap the
weights on whatever weight you put on
there this is what you’re doing whatever
you’re doing one on isolation that made
the biggest difference in my weight
weight training I laughed about the next
day because I was so sore I was like
I’ve never worked out like this before
oh my god I was so sore and you guys I
was using like both of these like one
day I would do this but next day I would
do that month nothing worked I was sore
to the bone like my muscles were so sore
I’m wetting great milestone with we got
on the treadmill together my brother’s
never seen me run first time we get on
the treadmill together we both get three
minutes he didn’t know that I was trying
to beat him but yeah it was there was
never looking a great moment that I was
able to work out with my athletic
military brother so yeah um so that’s
just my little short review of these two
products what else I don’t want to say
about if your weightlifting so if your
weight lifted oh nothing is when your
weight lifted and you’re drinking this I
was able to increase my weighs like
higher lift more weight especially like
leg press but I think it’s like a mind
thing because I really feel like I just
pushed myself to increase my weight
I really think was a product but I
definitely was a
to lift more weights to drinking bc8 all
right Josh so you don’t have to try but
he’s because these were like pretty
expensive like 40 50 $60 even somewhere
around that range I really don’t
remember I got them from GNC but do your
research on BCAAs amino acid see what
the benefits are when you’re doing
cardio and weightlifting and just make a
decision for yourself
hi guys so if you enjoyed this quick 10
minute video on what my thoughts are on
BCAAs with these two particular products
thumbs up this video I’m not a guru I’m
just a regular girl that’s not lost 100

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GNC BCAAs is easy to use and inexpensive when compared with other supplements. They also contain no stimulants, which means you can take them any time you want. However, be careful about taking BCAAs if you are pregnant or nursing. The most important thing to remember when you’re taking BCAAs is not to exceed a dosage of more than twenty percent of your total daily calorie intake. If you experience excessive hunger, stop taking the supplement immediately.

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