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GHOST BCAA Amino Acids - Sour Patch Watermelon
GHOST AMINO: Blue Raspberry (40 Serv) Amino Acids - Vegan–Friendly, 10G Total Essential Amino Acids 5.5G EAAs and 4.5G BCAAs (4:1:1), Added Hydration and Astragin® for Absorption
GHOST BCAA Amino Acids 30 Servings Supplement (Swedish Fish, 2 Containers)
GHOST BCAA Amino Acids Variety Pack (1x Swedish Fish / 1x Sour Patch Watermelon)
Ghost BCAA Amino Acids
Ghost Amino EAA BCAA Hydration
Ghost BCAA Amino Acids 30 Servings Supplement (Swedish Fish, 2 Containers)
Ghost BCAA Amino Acids Variety Pack
Prime Benefits
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Price not available
Product Page
GHOST BCAA Amino Acids - Sour Patch Watermelon
Ghost BCAA Amino Acids
Prime Benefits
Product Page
GHOST AMINO: Blue Raspberry (40 Serv) Amino Acids - Vegan–Friendly, 10G Total Essential Amino Acids 5.5G EAAs and 4.5G BCAAs (4:1:1), Added Hydration and Astragin® for Absorption
Ghost Amino EAA BCAA Hydration
Prime Benefits
Product Page
GHOST BCAA Amino Acids 30 Servings Supplement (Swedish Fish, 2 Containers)
Ghost BCAA Amino Acids 30 Servings Supplement (Swedish Fish, 2 Containers)
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Product Page
GHOST BCAA Amino Acids Variety Pack (1x Swedish Fish / 1x Sour Patch Watermelon)
Ghost BCAA Amino Acids Variety Pack
Prime Benefits
Price not available

Ghost BCAA Supplement Demo Video

oh are you guys what’s going on its
massive George Rohr view and I’m coming
to you from massive jaws dot-com awesome
rawr review for the viewers at home
today on one of the most anticipated new
brands to the Australian marketplace to
massive Joe’s we have seen this fight is
a course ghost BC a a in let’s get
straight into it show you exactly what’s
in it tell you exactly what it’s gonna
do that nutritional information panel
ain’t gonna get it don’t worry butter go
balls deep in this yeah ghost be CIA
fortunately got ourselves a big-ass
nutritional information panel for the
viewers at home dump go ahead and cut
that panel up on the screen for the
viewers at home just to disclaim before
we get into it viewers this panel is for
the kiwi strawberry flavor there is
another flavor that we will go through
later on in this review that differs
slightly and the only slight difference
is actually in the electrolytes but
we’re about to delve balls deep into the
kiwi strawberry flavor starting from the
top serving size one scoop nine grams
got yourself about thirty of them nine
gram one screw bitches and one of these
are ghosts to BC a a bitches in terms of
what the one nine one scoop that what
the nine grams in each and every scoop
is made up of ghosts have been kind
enough to provide full disclosure on
each and every one of their products so
we know exactly what’s in it and the
exact amounts we can do a quick sum add
up all of the active ingredients and see
that there is six point one four five
grams of actives in the kiwi strawberry
flavor which means we’re dealing with 68
percent active ingredients 32 percent
flavors sweeteners colors stabilizers
and other bits and pieces that aren’t
active it is definitely towards the
higher end for BCAAs BCAAs generally we
like to see around that age 75 to 80%
actives in 20 to 25% flavors color
sweeteners and non active ingredient so
ghoster is a little bit towards the the
higher end of that spectrum but it’s all
good in terms of what those active
ingredients are made up of starting from
the top we’re going to group sodium and
potassium together because they are both
electrolytes we’re dealing with 120
milligrams in total in the kiwi
strawberry flavor 75 milligrams
potassium 45 milligrams sodium it’s just
under a two-to-one ratio
viewers at home who are unaware
electrolytes have charged particles that
can carry an electric current across
yourselves your potassium concentration
is higher inside your cells than outside
whereas sodium the concentration is
higher outside the cells then inside and
what these electrolytes do viewers at
home is they control membrane potential
which is responsible for controlling
muscle contractions transmission of
nerve pulses and maintaining your
heartbeat ideally you want to consume
about four and a half to four point
seven grams of potassium per day and
about one and a half grams of sodium per
day so the amount of potassium and
sodium in each and every scoop of ghost
BCAA is like like sprinkling sprinkling
let’s go with sprinkling newspaper on a
bushfire when it comes to the amount of
electrolytes that you are trying to
consume each and every day but we do
have to mention them because they are in
each and every scoop of this ghost BCAA
moving right along we then get into no
surprises here BCAAs as the name of the
product would suggest we have a two 1:1
ratio of instantize l leucine isoleucine
and L valine so 3,000 milligrams of
leucine 1500 milligrams of isoleucine
and valine the two 1:1 ratio is the
scientifically proven tried and tested
ratio so it’s good to see that they’ve
gone with that
BCAAs for viewers at home who are
unaware prevent the breakdown and muscle
tissue during workouts reduce delayed
onset muscle soreness aka Dom’s assist
with muscle recovery and increased
protein synthesis the clinical or
efficacious dose of BCAAs that you want
to take during training is between five
and ten grams we have ourselves 6,000
milligrams or 6 grams of BCAAs in each
and every scoop of this ghost BCAA so it
is towards the lower end of that
spectrum but it is still considered
considered efficacious dosing or
considered clinical dosing in each and
every screw moving right along we then
get into the final active ingredient
which is a very cool active ingredient I
must say the Astra gin in a 25 milligram
dose oestrogen is a combination of
astragalus member and nation and panics
not a ginseng extract it’s made by a
company called new live science and it’s
starting to make its way into a lot of
different amino acid based supplements
viewers at home and I am very very
excited about this because I love myself
some estrogen it’s in a bunch of
supplements that I use personally at the
moment and I think it is the tits in
terms of what estrogen and estrogen
actually does is it boosts absorption of
active ingredients and and other
nutrients as well in your small
intestine and it’s been proven to
increase amino acid absorption into your
bloodstream by 43% that’s huge that is
that is a massive increase in amino acid
absorption which is particularly
important if you’re supplementing orally
with amino acids because the way those
amino acids get into your bloodstream is
through your small intestine so if you
can increase the absorption of those
aminos through your small intestine into
the bloodstream you’re actually getting
more of what you’re consuming to where
it needs to go which is your blood
stream where it can do what it needs to
do amazing oestrogen also does some
other pretty cool 18% increase in
production of adenosine triphosphate aka
ATP which is what your muscles use for
energy in your phosphate energies
38% increase in insulin sensitivity
which means you’re getting more bang for
your buck out of your carbohydrates and
40 57 percent increase in glucose
absorption which means you’re actually
getting much more bang for your buck out
of your carbohydrates the clinical dose
of estrogen is 50 milligrams we have 25
milligrams in each and every scoop of
this gross BCAA so if you’re taking two
scoops it’s perfectly clinically dosed
if you’re taking one scoop it’s about
50% of where it needs to be moving right
along got yourself at your artificial
colors artificial flavors sweeteners
stabilizers about 32% of them and that’s
what’s in it
so very simple supplement from ghost
which I’m a fan of I like seeing simple
supplements viewers at home because
they’re easy to do raw reviews on no but
seriously if you’re buying a BCAA
supplement primarily what you want is
BCAAs and if you can get something in
there that’s going to help your body
utilize those BCAAs fantastic if you’re
gonna get scrutinising if you’re going
to put your scrutinizing hat on and
you’re going to Drew down and you’re
gonna say as an intra workout BCAA
supplement what effects do I want from
my intra workout BCAA you can kind of
start to pick it apart and you can go
okay it’s missing a few things it’s
missing something for a muscle pump and
nutrient delivery like a citrulline or
an AGG Mateen for example it’s missing
something to promote muscular endurance
such as a better alanine or a taurine
for example and it’s missing something
to promote hydration so it doesn’t have
a big dose of electrolytes it doesn’t
have a hydro Max glycerol or anything in
there to promote hyper hydration of
muscles but if you’re getting those
ingredients in your pre-workout you can
make the argument you know do you really
need them intra workout as well or do
you just need to 1:1 ratio
clinically dosed branched chain amino
acids in which case that’s where this
ghost BCA really fills that gap in terms
of how it tastes how it mixes comes in
two flavors comes in
in key we strawberry comes in lemon-lime
and I actually don’t have a tub of
lemon-lime soda lit please superimpose a
tub of lemon lime right there that was
also a cheeky pause for screen shot for
you as well right there comes in two
flavors I have a brand spanking new tub
of this kiwi strawberry flavor before I
drop the infamous massive just taste and
mixability test for you guys I’m just
going to take a moment silence to
appreciate the merchandising effort that
ghost has gone to with the with with all
of their supplements but we’re looking
at the BCA at the moment check this out
viewers at home not only is this label
absolutely delicious its 3d so it’s got
like it’s got like a felt touched to it
not only that let’s go to the bottom of
the tub it’s a custom tub with a ghost
logo on website on the bottom let’s go
to the top of the tub it’s a custom lid
with the ghost logo on the top let’s
open the tub we have a custom seal it’s
ghost custom graphics on the seal let me
bro punch this bitch in oh it’s a tough
bro punch – i’ma get it i’ma get it
there we go let me let me let me lift
off the the custom seal and let me lift
out the custom ghost scoop which also
has the custom ghost logo and has been
made to to to specifically measure out
the dosage the 9 gram dosage of each and
every scoop which is which is really
good to see because a lot of companies
don’t do it but take a second to
appreciate the amount of branding and
merchandising that ghosts have actually
gone to putting the effort into with all
of their supplements it is I’ve never
seen anything like it in the industry I
know that it’s got nothing to do with
the supplement and that’s what you guys
are watching this for but I do just had
I just had to take a second to
appreciate I appreciate that
do you guys with me do you appreciate
that when it comes
actually goes that next level to give
the consumer that experience when you’re
opening the product you’ve got all
custom everything it is under alright
that’s enough let’s get back into the
infamous massive Joe’s taste and mix
ability test I have a massive Jose elect
shaker and we are going to break it down
exactly as it says on the label it says
Mitch mix each scoop each scoop of ghost
BCAA with 8 to 10 ounces of water or
beverage of your choice
I have smack bang in the middle I have 9
ounces of water in my TMJ elite shaker I
have the infamous massive drawers double
wall glass I’m gonna take myself one
custom measured ghost BCAA scoop go
scoop of BCE of ghost BCAAs in their
custom go scoop I’m going to throw this
bitch in this bitch let me check the lid
on real quick few flicks to the wrist
I’m gonna show you guys how mixers
refresh my memory on how to spew a
ah that’s enough it’s gonna let sit
there for a second while I put the lid
back on this bad boy alright so you guys
can see in the shake I should have
bought a transparent shaker but you can
see because these are semi-transparent
that it does froth so for real for real
it does froth the cool thing with it as
we as with most highly dosed BCAA
supplements is you let it sit you flick
it up a little bit more and most of that
froth if I let it sit long enough is
going to dissipate in there
let me just pour some out so you guys
can actually see prophesied how it’s
mixed oh yeah delicious look at that is
clean so if you can get through the
whole frothing issue it does mix
perfectly there’s there’s there’s
there’s a few oh there’s a few floaters
on top that’s a leucine Poya there’s no
sinkers it has mixed pretty much damn
perfectly but because
of the frolf situation as with most
Harley dos BCAA supplements I would go
so far as to say blender ball is
required for this here ghost of BCAA let
me refresh my memory on how this kiwi
strawberry flavor tastes men here’s the
the consistent thing that I’ve noticed
across the entire range of ghost
products they nail their flavors the
flavours are exactly what they say they
are the kiwi strawberry tastes like a
Kiwi dominant kiwi strawberry flavor the
lemon lime tastes like a dominant lemon
dominant lemon-lime flavor even with
their pre-workout their amino that they
nail the flavors they’re very true to
flavors but their flavoring systems are
very strong and with all of them I
recommend if you don’t like stupidly
strong flavors is to pretty much double
the amount of water that they tell you
to mix it in so this says at once group
in 8 to 10 ounces I would be going one
scoop in 16 to 20 answers so one scoop
per massive joe’s TMJ elite shaker for
me personally especially if you’re
drinking it intra workout I think that
concentration once group in 8 to 10
ounces is just too strong is it almost
kind of making it’s going to make you
feel a little bit sick especially if
your heart rates up and you’re trying to
chug some some water down because you’re
thirsty you know it definitely you do
need to dilute it that being said the
flavors are delicious if I had to rank
the two of them kiwi-strawberry for me
obviously number one I don’t get down
with citrus but if you do get down with
citrus you probably prefer the
lemon-lime flavor in terms of the
effects because that’s what you’re
taking the ship for ultimately that’s
what you’re taking the BCAA for is to
help you train harder for longer prevent
muscle tissue breakdown during your
workouts help reduce the late onset
Shawna’s all of those effects that we
take BCAAs for and that’s exactly what
goes BCAA is gonna do highly dose BCAAs
to 1:1 ratio oestrogen in there to
actually help the BCAAs get into the
bloodstream which is where you want them
pixie dust and electrolytes that really
aren’t going to do anything from
muscular hydration but if it’s the
effects specifically of BCAAs that
you’re after that’s exactly what you’re
going to get with this ghost BCAA the
cool thing with it is because it doesn’t
contain your more exotic ingredients
your citrulline agmatine beta-alanine
you know you can drink it during the day
if you want to with meals in between
meals to help increase muscle protein
synthesis during the day to help with
muscle recovery during the day there’s
no agmatine that’s going to upset your
stomach if you have too much revert
there’s no citrulline that’s going to
upset your stomach if that’s what
citrulline does to you there’s no beet
alanine to give you any tingles or
anything like that
there’s no glycerol which for some
people once again can upset their
stomach so the lack of exotic
ingredients makes it a very versatile
BCAA if you want to drink it during the
day before you train during training
after training if you want to stack it
with certain things as an intro workout
to make it a more complete intro workout
it is a very versatile obviously because
it’s very simple a very versatile BCAA
supplement the final thing I will say
for you guys is with regards to value
for money in the Australian market place
your ghost BCAA it retails for around
the $50 mark 5495 is what it’s retailing
for at the time I’m shooting this raw
review for 30 Serbs of very simple BCAAs
it is towards the higher end of the
value for money towards the price
bracket most more complete BCAA
supplements that we see on the
australian market market place around
the $50 mark but you’re getting it at
least one exotic ingredient like a Nagma
teen or at Orion or a bit of both or a
bit alanine or a glycerol or whatever it
may be for a very basic BCA a 5495 for
30 subs is kind of pushing it outside of
that bracket that we expect to see for
it for a
BCAA but if you guys like the ghost and
you want a versatile simple clinically
dosed BCAA supplement that you can use
intro workout during the day with meals
between meals pre-workout post-workout
whenever you want to use it you have to
go and get yourself some of this ghost b
c a.a guys hit the subscribe button and
while you’re at it don’t forget to turn
your post notifications on a both on
your mobile or cell phone and your
desktop pc so you don’t miss a beat when
it comes to the massive Joe’s YouTube
channel and guys that is massive jaws
roar review on the all-new ghost b c a.a
in doha and i’m coming to you from
massive jaws calm

Ghost BCAA

Ghost BCAA has become the top selling protein supplement in the world today. It’s a BCAA rich formula that helps the body to build lean muscle and increase its lean muscle mass. BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids are important amino acids that promote muscle growth and help reduce workout fatigue and reduce muscle soreness after an intense workout. They also stimulate the production of lean muscle tissue, which is the goal of many weightlifting programs.

Many people do not realize that they need to consume more BCAA than other types of proteins because the majority of them are broken down into their amino acid components during the digestive process. However, most people do not eat enough BCAA protein in their diet, and so they lose out on many of the benefits of this great protein supplement.

When you consume Ghost BCAA, your body will start to produce more LCAAs and have a much higher conversion of these to lean muscle mass, instead of being used as fuel for the muscle. This increased energy from using LCAAs will provide the energy needed for the body to rebuild itself and repair and rebuild the damaged muscles. This increase in muscle mass will also help prevent muscle fatigue and reduce your daily amount of calories to maintain an optimum metabolic rate.

If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, then you must include Ghost BCAA to your program. Not only will it help you gain weight, but it will help you build muscle as well. You will be able to get stronger and lose weight faster if you take in more BCAAs. With all of the benefits of taking this product, it is easy to see why so many people are attracted to the benefits of Ghost BCAA.

You can find Ghost BCAA in any store that sells muscle building supplements and weight loss products. You can also find it online to help you make the best purchase possible. The amount of protein you receive from this product is what helps increase your muscles, burn fat, and keep you in shape. This product is a great supplement for those who want to gain weight, build muscle, and maintain their lean muscle mass at the same time.

Protein is the building block of your body and when you are working out you need to ensure that you get the right amount of protein and not only in your diet but also in the form of supplements such as this BCAA.

Last update on 2021-06-29 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.