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Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine Powder, Lemon Lime, 48 Servings, From ProMera Health
Con-Cret Creatine with Micro-Dosing Unflavored 48 Servings, 1.27 Ounce
Promera Health - Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine 48 Servings Pineapple 750 mg. - 2 oz.
Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine Powder, Lemon Lime
Con-Cret Creatine with Micro-Dosing Unflavored
Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine, Pineapple
Prime Benefits
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Product Page
Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine Powder, Lemon Lime, 48 Servings, From ProMera Health
Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine Powder, Lemon Lime
Prime Benefits
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Product Page
Con-Cret Creatine with Micro-Dosing Unflavored 48 Servings, 1.27 Ounce
Con-Cret Creatine with Micro-Dosing Unflavored
Prime Benefits
Price not available
Product Page
Promera Health - Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine 48 Servings Pineapple 750 mg. - 2 oz.
Con-Cret Concentrated Creatine, Pineapple
Prime Benefits

Con-Cret Creatine HCL Demo Video

hey what’s up guys it’s Nick from Batman
comm today I’m going to be reviewing
concrete creatine HDI from premier
sports so primeira is a Massachusetts
space supplement company and I got a few
different products and offer custom pre
workouts they’ve got some fat ben is
probably the best known product is
creatine HCI called concrete this is
creating hydrochloride and primeira
claims that due to the quote superior
solubility you don’t need to take as
much creating hydrochloride as you would
creatine monohydrate which is like the
more popular form of the supplement so
just for example they recommend you take
a hundred one scoop per 100 pounds of
body weight I’m a 200-pound male which
means they’re recommending is I take 1.5
grams of creatine hydrochloride so I’m
going to try that out in a minute but
first I wanted to do a bit of a taste
test look at six different flavors and
offer but this here is lemon lime it’s
not naturally colored and it’s naturally
flavored was artificially sweetened with
sucrose so uh see how it tastes with
this is actually really tasty something
that’s I mean it is artificially
sweetened so that’s all I’m not too
unless something the natural flavors and
natural coloring I was expecting
something a bit more bland and quite at
more sour but as it stands this tastes
like tastes like old-fashioned lemonade
very sweet not too sweet though I find
really enjoyable so let’s take a look at
the ingredients the secondary
ingredients in this are just natural
flavors sooo colors also called Splenda
the other official sweetener and
tricalcium phosphate that’s an
anti-caking agent the main ingredient
that of course is creating hydrochloride
so what is it well that’s what happens
when you attach a hydrochloride group to
creating that lowers the pH of creatine
and what that means is that it becomes a
bit more soluble in water and there’s
also a good chance you know evidence
shows that it may improve digestive
distress in people a lot of people get
it they get stomach cramps when they
ingest like a large amount of creatine
and the evidence points to this being
able to reduce it just to de-stress
that’s pretty good the theory goes that
because creating hydrochloride is more
water soluble
therefore absorbs better in the stomach
and they’re never without their form or
is used by the body itself as far as
evidence goes I don’t have a ton of
evidence supporting this theory the only
real study that’s been done this was
actually done by the inventor the
co-inventor of creatine hydrochloride
and hasn’t really been published in any
reputable journals but this study showed
was that in the hours following
ingestion of creatine hydrochloride and
creatine monohydrate the subjects who
consumed creatine hydrochloride had high
levels of creatine in their plasma so
while some people think that means that
therefore you absorb more of the
creatine doesn’t necessarily mean that
in fact it may because the creatine goes
to the plasma something’s excreted by
the body some goes into the muscles and
on this there’s there’s an aggregate we
made that because there’s more creatine
in the plasma that might actually been
left creating the muscles so as far as
proof goes you don’t have a lot of proof
crating hydrochloride may well be good
for people with sensitive stomachs so as
far as the price goes this little tub
here is 25 grams and it is going to cost
you $16.50 so in this you’re gonna get
about 24 servings so that comes through
about 69 cents per serving or 92 cents
per gram of creatine because you’re
going to get less than one gram of
creatine per serving if you want to pay
a little bit extra money if you don’t
pay just extra two dollars you get a
roughly twice the amount of creatine so
$18.50 would be 48 servings
whenever things haven’t done it’s
roughly 51 cents per gram of creatine
roughly so compared to other creeks and
stuff – that’s pretty expensive if
comparisons sake if you feel like a
plain creatine monohydrate that’s gonna
be like three four or five cents per
gram of creatine and its cheapest this
is 51 cents per gram of creatine so it’s
relatively expensive and that difference
is something you’re gonna want to keep
in mind so there are quite a few things
that I liked about concrete’s the
creatine hydrochloride first of all it
doesn’t contain any artificial colors or
artificial flavors which are things that
some people try and stay clear of but of
course the main thing with this product
is that it contains creatine
hydrochloride which is a very very
unusual form of creatine particularly to
be the only form of creatine in a
supplement and there’s definitely pretty
strong evidence to suggest that because
it dissolves more easily in fluids at
least partly because of that it’s easier
in the stomach a lot of people do
experience like an upset stomach and
cramps when they have a big hit of
creatine and evidence seems to point
toward this being a pretty decent way to
remedy that at least for some people
there are a few things you might not be
quite so crazy about with concrete
number one it does contain an artificial
sweetener sucralose some people trying
to stay clear of that it may have an
effect in the gut microbiome maybe we’re
not so sure that said it is free
acesulfame potassium which is another
super common artificial sweetener that
some people really don’t like there’s no
self in potassium there is Youkilis in
addition to that it doesn’t have as far
as I can tell any third-party testing so
some people really like to have the
supplements tested by a group like
informed choice which which test
substances test supplements have banned
substances and impurities and things
like that as far as I can tell they they
don’t have that at concrete and just
into that the fact that it is pretty
expensive compared to other Creators
documents as I mention earlier about 51
cents per gram of creatine
it’s about ten times more expensive than
a lot of just like playing creaking
monohydrate but of course you pay for
creating hydrochloride which is more
expensive to make and my final the final
thing that I really have to say with
this product is that creating
hydrochloride it’s a bit more expensive
and there’s pretty strong evidence is
just that it’s easier on the stomach
there’s really not a ton of evidence
that suggests that it does absorb more
effectively at least not right now many
more studies alright so there’s my
thoughts on concrete the creating HCI
from premier sports for the floor view
make sure to check out the link blog

Con-Cret Creatine

The Con-Cret supplement is a popular alternative to creatine and offers many health benefits, as well. It is very popular in Europe and Asia but has become increasingly popular here in North America, in particular among body builders. It is thought that it may offer a unique blend of energy and strength boosters, including increased amino acid availability, better absorption, better fat burning, and improved muscle growth and repair.

It has been claimed that the supplement can increase your body’s ability to repair itself. It has also been credited with speeding up muscle development, helping to rebuild lean muscle mass quickly and preventing muscle loss. However, there is still controversy surrounding this product, with many doubting its effectiveness and claiming that it can actually cause damage to your muscles and cause long-term health problems. So should you use Con-Cret creatine or not?

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, however it is not always easily absorbed. When this compound reaches the muscle tissues, it allows for greater circulation and a quicker rate of absorption, allowing for more of this compound into the muscle tissue to enable it to be used as it is supposed to be. But when this creatine enters the bloodstream it is not normally broken down and is not able to act on the body’s cells and organs.

Creatine works by increasing the rate at which your body can absorb these amino acids and also allows for better absorption of fats and carbohydrates. With this in mind it is no surprise that many people use the supplement to enhance their energy levels and help to burn off fat. However, many users claim that they experience headaches and other side effects when using this supplement.

Another problem is that creatine can have an adverse effect on your body’s immune system and can cause muscle weakness and other health problems. Some users claim that creatine has caused them to suffer from short-term memory loss, heart palpitations, and nausea. It has also been linked to skin rashes and hair loss.

Con-Cret creatine is believed to be a safe and effective supplement to take, but it is important that you do your research before you make any purchases. Also check with your doctor before you start using any supplement if you are taking medications, especially prescription medications.

If you are wondering whether you should use this supplement then the answer is yes. Many experts recommend that anyone that is trying to lose weight should use creatine because it helps to speed up your metabolism and allow you to burn fat more efficiently. However, it is also important that you make sure that you are properly hydrated before you begin using this supplement, because excess water can cause your body to retain more water and thus you may find that you become dehydrated even if you do not lose weight at all.

Con-Cret creatine is a good supplement to try if you want to boost your energy levels and improve your overall health. There is some controversy surrounding the product, and most users will be happy with the results that they obtain, but be aware that some side effects can occur if you use the supplement without making changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Last update on 2021-06-29 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.