CrossFit training programs are not your usual training programs. I’m afraid to disappoint you that active cardio or strength training doesn’t help you to lose weight. Surely you have not tried cross-training. Crossfit training for beginners forever changes your outlook on workouts and the process of losing weight in general.

Crossfit training for girls is so intense that it consumes a lot of calories, which allows you to adhere to the primary rule of losing weight: burn more calories than you consume.

Crossfit is not only the development of muscle mass and fat burning, but it is also the training of strength and endurance, which is essential.

During the training, the heart rate rises, which allows you to expend energy much faster and more efficiently, and intense and frequent breathing will saturate the body with oxygen, which will not rob oxygen from the muscles.

Training on the system cross-metabolism increases the level of metabolism up to 40%, and also engages a large number of muscle groups at the same time, which speeds up the process of burning fatty deposits.

Crossfit Exercises With Own Weight

These activities are perfect for performing Crossfit training at home as they are easily implemented and not dependent on extra gear. Check Pheel crossfit training program for women:

  1. Squats – it can be various kinds of squats, on two legs, on each leg in turn, with a comprehensive set of the legs, narrow, etc.
  2. Back slopes – it can be hyperesthesia, various kinds of thrust without weighting, etc.
  3. Jumping – there can be a broad range of exercises: jumps in length, jumping rope, jumping with the arrangement of legs, jumping with attacks, jumping “scissors” with alternating legs, jumping on pedestals of different heights, etc.
  4. Army push-up – pull back, jump the legs into the chest, then jump out of this position reaching the palms above the head.
  5. Push up – here too you can experiment with push-ups upside down or focus on one leg.
  6. Movable lath – in the beginning, of course, you need to master the technique of performing the bar, and after that, you can perform various exercises of the movable bar. For example, pulling the legs to the chest in the bar, or turning the body into the bar.

Crossfit Exercises Using Gymnastic Apparatus

These exercises can be performed both in gyms or even on the street while strolling a child. Great for losing weight after childbirth. Also on playgrounds, you can find ways to do gymnastics on the bars and beams:

  1. Corner – this exercise can be performed on uneven bars, rings, crossbar or any other support or a tree branch.
  2. Pulling up – to do this, you can use any bar that you may find that is suitable.
  3. Push-up on the uneven bars.
  4. Rope lifting.

Crossfit Exercises For a Distance

  1. Cross-running – this can be a shuttle run at various distances from 100 meters to 1 km.
  2. Rowing in the gym (a simulator can be used).

When Not to Do Cross-Training

Refrain from training if you have injuries to the musculoskeletal system, or cardiovascular and respiratory system disorders. Cross-over should be avoided by pregnant, lactating, and women in the postpartum period. Those women should choose more gentle workouts or consult a physician.