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Minimum Viable Fitness is a powerful community of people who strive to be a healthy body, spirit and mind. We train everyone not only to improve their bodies, but also help us to reveal your inner potential through actions! You will receive support at all stages of your training (trainers, curators, nutritionists, etc.).

Unique Content

In our knowledge base, unique content that is written through experience with thousands of people. Every article, advice, training, program is written not to feed your brain with a new piece of knowledge, satisfied that you will go on doing nothing, but to make it so that you feel uncomfortable and force you to raise your fifth point and begin to act!

Best Casein Protein [2019 Review]

Welcome to our large Casein Powder Test 2019. Here we present you all tested casein powder. We have put together detailed background information and also added ...

Best BCAA for Women [2019 Review]

Whether you’re training at home, lifting weights in the gym or running in your free time. If you exercise regularly and your body exposes itself again and...

Food high in proteins

Any girl who maintains her figure in tone, while doing sports, is interested in parallel and healthy nutrition. Of course, this is correct, because it is used f...

Yoga for athletes: coordination, flexibility, mobility, strength

What can yoga give to athletes? If in brief – increase in strength, endurance, clarity of consciousness, calmness, as well as a more healthy sleep. Moreov...

How to start running: a complete guide for beginners

Sooner or later many people think about starting to run. If this is your “first date” and you do not want to give up everything in two weeks (maximu...

Fitness Activities for Seniors

A healthy lifestyle becomes more important when you are getting older. Regular physical activity will not only preserve the flexibility of the joints, allow lon...

Warm-Up Before Training

Warm-up before training is an essential structural component that many beginners neglect in the gym. Important because the effectiveness of your training direct...

Workout Nutrition Explained

Sports nutrition is food additives and preparations specially made for people who are actively involved in sports. They increase strength, endurance and increas...

CrossFit for Weight Loss

CrossFit training programs are not your usual training programs. I’m afraid to disappoint you that active cardio or strength training doesn’t help you to lose w...

Training for Snowboarders in The Gym

We present you a set of exercises that will help keep yourself in shape if you do not have the opportunity to snowboard every day. Booked for half a year ticket...

Muscle Memory Meaning

We talk about what is muscle memory and how its development will help to come into shape after a long break. Muscle memory means a structural change in muscle a...

Bill Starr Circuit Training Workout

A circuit training system can be used in the training of a beginner athlete, or it can help an average level athlete faster “return to service” afte...



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Real Result

We work only with those who want and are ready to change! These are guys and girls, men and women (maybe you are among them), who understand that their health is one of the main indicators of a happy, successful and busy life!

Tens of thousands of people have already passed through our hands, who, thanks to the knowledge base, and participation in our projects, began to change their lives rapidly and received tremendous physical results in losing weight, gaining muscle mass and creating a beautiful body.

Minimum Viable Fitness

Get support and motivation from thousands of community members in all corners of the world. Mentoring, training and encouragement from the community team Minimum Viable Fitness. Talk with those who have similar problems, similar issues, with those who have already won with us. Find new friends and participate in events together. The ability to get a quick result without diets, gym and sports nutrition, using the training programs adapted for you.

Correct Food Programs

Correct Food Programs

You want to lose weight, tighten your body or puff. Our nutrition programs are designed to help you get the results you need.

Training Programs

Training Programs

A man, a woman, beginner or advanced: depending on your needs, we will offer a program that is adapted to your level of physical fitness.



We are always working to give our community only the best, selected and tested knowledge. You can improve and continue to maintain the results for a long time.

Motivation and Support

Motivation and Support

In our programs are built-in psychological mechanisms that develop in you the skills of leadership, self-control and responsibility. They will help you to finish successfully with excellent results.

Workout Anywhere

Workout Anywhere

Outdoors, at home or in the gym – you do not need weights or simulators, you only need your body weight.

Fast Results

Fast Results

Training is designed so that in a few weeks you were able to see the first results. This will motivate you to continue working on yourself.